Sunrise water lily (Nymphaea ‘Sunrise’)


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Sunrise water lily

  • Sunrise water lily (Nymphaea ‘Sunrise’) It has glowing yellow, large, semi double flowers with long narrow petals that surround the orange gold centre. They are stellate (star like) in shape and show up well because they are held up well above the water surface. They stay open later in the afternoon than many varieties and the new flowers also have a light fragrance.
  • Often confused with Odorata Sulphurea Grandiflora, we have the true Sunrise water lilies with hairy stems!
  • The leaves are elliptical and have slight mottles.
  • Spread 16-39 in (40-100 cm).
  • It is suitable for a medium or large pool.
  • Planting depth: 24in (30 cm)
  • We would recommend a planting basket of at least 22cm across.
  • Product Code: NY090
  • We ship all water lilies bare root, this means that we wash the soil off before packing the plants. During the summer months we may need to trim some of the foliage back for shipping.
  • Contact us if you require more information