Nymphaea ‘ Laydekeri Fulgens ‘


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    Nymphaea ‘ Laydekeri Fulgens

Nymphaea ‘ Laydekeri Fulgens ‘  flower petal colour vivid burgundy-red deepening and flaked   .Flower shaped cuplike ,fragrance slight .Extremely free flowering  .

: Flower size  13 – 15 cm  ( 5 – 6 inches ) number of petals 20

: Leaf colour top leaves green ,new leaves are purplish green and dark purple blotches .Underside purple  prominent  V on new leaves .Leaves almost round lobes overlap ,covering two thirds of sinus .Stem purple brown

: Leaf size  22 x 19 cm ( 8.5 x 7.5 inches )

: Leaf spread 1.2 – 1.5 m ( 4 – 5 feet ) when mature

: Nymphaea ‘ Laydekeri Fulgens ‘  is one of the best lilies it is one of the best bloomers and has largest flowers of all the Laydekeri lilies and leaf spread  .It is one of the first to flower in the spring and can go on until autumn ,Recommended for any size pond .

: Planting depth  30 -60 cm ( 12 – 24 inches ) from soil level

  • We would recommend a planting basket of at least 22cm across.
  • Water lilies are heavy feeders and benefit from a slow release fertilizer specially prepared for aquatic plants such as Growth Balls which can simply be pushed into the soil.
  • Product Code: NR085
  • We ship all water lilies bare root, this means that we wash the soil off before packing the plants. During the summer months we may need to trim some of the foliage back for shipping.