Arc-en-Ciel water lily (Nymphaea ‘Arc-en-Ciel’)


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Arc-en-Ciel water lily (Nymphaea ‘Arc-en-Ciel’)

Arc-en-Ciel water lily (Nymphaea ‘Arc-en-Ciel’)  has delicate flowers which are almost white with the faintest of pink blush and also has magnificent leaves which are olive green with pink,red, cream and pale yellow speckles and blotches. Flowers, in the form of an open stellate (star like) cup of eighteen to twenty four, slim petals with a deep yellow centre, measure 13-15 cm (5-6 in). Larger blooms also have a pronounced sweet scent.
The leaves which reach 9.5 in (24 cm) across are round with a wide open sinus.

  • Spread 48-60in (120-150cm)
  • Suitable for medium and large pools.
  • Planting depth above soil level 30in (75cm)
  • We would recommend a planting basket of at least 22cm across.
  • Water lilies are heavy feeders and benefit from a slow release fertilizer specially prepared for aquatic plants such as Growth Balls which can simply be pushed into the soil.
  • Product Code: NW020
  • We ship all water lilies bare root, this means that we wash the soil off before packing the plants. During the summer months we may need to trim some of the foliage back for shipping.
  • Contact us if you require more information