Barley Straw Single. Algae & blanket weed treatment.


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Barley Straw Single – algae & blanket weed control

  • Natural decomposition of Barley Straw gives rise to anti- algae factors which are effective against algae and blanket weed. This pack treats 3500 litres (800 gallons) for 6 months.
  • Barley Straw takes 4 weeks to activate and must be placed in the water ideally before the algae problem starts.
  • Oxygen is essential for the process and the best place for the barley is on the water surface near a waterfall or pump outlet if available.
  • A piece of garden twine or string can be used to secure the barley to the edge or base of the pond.
  • For continuous control replace the barley straw pouches every six months. Remove the old pouch one month after replacing with a new one to ensure continuous control.

Product Code: YWBSSING

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