Primula vialii. Moisture loving plant.


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Primula vialii. Moisture loving plant.

  • Primula vialii produces dramatic flower spikes from the basal rosette of hairy, oblong-lanceolate leaves. A cone of red buds forms the top of the upright flower stem, the buds open from the bottom up to reveal small, purple flowers which create a striking contrast to the red buds. Primula vialii are also called Orchid primrose and Chinese Pagoda primula.
  • Thrive in a moist soil therefore are suitable for pond-side planting.
  • Height 10 cm (4 in) tall with flower spikes rise to approximately 40 cm (16 in) tall.
  • Prefer a partial shade position, but will grow well in more sunnier positions if the soil remains moist.
  • Flowers June
  • Herbaceous so will die back to ground level over winter. Don’t forget where you have planted them!
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