Primula Rosea Gigas ( Pink Bog Primrose )


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Primula Rosea Gigas ( Pink Bog Primrose )

Also known as Himalayan Meadow Primrose .

An early-blooming primrose , this grows best at the waterside or a similar position with rich and heavy moist to wet soil. Loose clusters or umbels of bright magenta-pink blooms are held on stems above a rosette of newly expanding leaves. Most effective in groups, combining well with Marsh Marigolds, ferns and other moisture lovers.

: Clumps may be divided after flowering, if desired.

Will grow in partial shade .

:  Height   20-25 cm  (  8-10 inches )

Spread  15-30 cm ( 6-12 inches )

For shipping  the plants are sent out bare root ready for potting on into a larger pot or directly into the soil.