Primula pulverulenta ( Candelabra primrose )


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Primula PulPrimula pulverulenta ( Candelabra primrose )

Flowers are normally a deep reddish purple ,with a dark red or purple eye .

Primulas are suited to damp shady areas as well as looking lovely planted by water. Plant in clumps or drifts for best effect.  Place around the edge of a pond, providing soil is damp and not waterlogged or alternatively in damp areas of the garden

Will grow in full sun or partial shade

Height 60cm to 90cm (2′ to 3′ )

Spread 60cm to 57 cm (24″ to 30″ )

Likes moist humus-rich soil in sun or partial shade. Ideal for waterside, woodland edge.

Divide large clumps after plant has flowered preferably during a wet spell