Dryopteris atrata. Black Wood Fern or Shaggy wood fern.


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Dryopteris atrata. The Black Wood Fern or  Shaggy wood fern

Dryopteris atrata, the Black Wood fern is so-called because of the dark, almost black scales covering the black leaf bases and crown. This, when contrasted with the bright green fronds, makes the plants extremely appealing. It has a strong habit of growth and robust leathery leaves the leaflets of which bear serrated margins.

  • Moist, well-drained soil
  • A little tidying of the old tired fronds may be required in spring before the new growth.
  • Grows in full sun, part to full shade
  • Height  90cm  ( 35 inches  )
  • Spread  90cm  ( 35 inches  )
  • For shipping  the plants are sent out bare root ready for potting on either into a larger pot or directly into the soil.
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